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The Little Dog's Balls, Dog Tennis Balls, 6-Pack Small Blue Dog Toy, Strong Dog & Puppy Tennis Ball

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On the flipside, this dense design is perfect for dogs that don’t know their own strength. Our tennis ball popping Labrador, and even a Great Dane puppy at the local dog park that wanted to join the fun, didn’t break this ball when they returned it. That’s not to say that this is suitable as a chew toy, but under supervised games of fetch, it holds up to rough play. When introducing a new ball to your dog, it is important to do so gradually and in a positive manner. Start by allowing your dog to sniff and investigate the ball before encouraging them to play with it. Use treats and praise to associate the ball with positive experiences. If your dog shows fear or hesitation, take it slow and provide reassurance. It may take some time for your dog to become comfortable with the new ball, so patience and consistency are key. Some have cut-outs that make it easier for your dog to breathe when returning the ball in its mouth… Unfortunately, all this comes at a price. Like the West Paw Jive, this is one of the most expensive tennis ball alternatives on the market. But included in the price is a replacement guarantee. At the time of writing, Planet Dog will replace the toy once in the event it fails. While this makes the price more appealing, you will cringe if you are on a tight budget. The Tourna Pressureless Tennis Balls Dog Toy provides a durable and engaging play experience for medium-sized dogs weighing between 20-60lbs. These tennis balls are made with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the rough play and chewing habits of dogs. The pressureless design ensures that the balls never lose their bounce, allowing for hours of fun and exercise for your furry friend.

Furthermore, it is essential to be aware of the potential hazards of excessive ball throwing. Joint injuries and obsessive behavior are just a few of the risks associated with overdoing this activity. Moderation is key when it comes to playing fetch with your dog. While the West Paw Jive holds up to games of fetch, it isn’t appropriate as a dedicated chew toy. If you let your dog work on this ball for hours, then your dog will eventually puncture and break it. But for supervised games of fetch, it will provide entertainment for even the strongest of jaws. If your ball thrower holds a regular-sized tennis ball, then the medium (2½ inches) will slide in perfectly.Now, you could argue that if you take away the green fuzz, then these are no longer tennis balls. I agree with you. But to keep things simple, I refer to these as dog tennis balls throughout the rest of the review. There are various types and sizes of dog balls available in the market to cater to the different needs and preferences of dog owners. Interactive dog balls offer numerous benefits for dogs, including entertainment, training, and physical exercise. These balls provide mental stimulation and can help alleviate boredom and destructive behavior. They also promote healthy teeth and gums as dogs chew and bite on the balls. Additionally, interactive dog balls can be used in training exercises to teach commands such as “fetch”and “drop it.” You might look at the cost of these dog-safe tennis balls and turn up your nose. I get it! For the same price, you could buy bulk tennis balls from your local dollar store. All in all, tennis balls can be a fun part of your daily routine, as long as you are aware of the potential risks and take the necessary steps to prevent accidents.

Be mindful that if you choose a smaller or larger ball, then you will have to buy a specific ball thrower to suit – or throw it the old-fashioned way, giving your arm a workout! Quality wise, the ball is made from a heavy-duty rubber that bounces high. After hundreds of games of fetch, besides a few scratches, it hardly showed signs of wear. Even so, the only reason to choose this ball over any other on our list is because of its whistling sound.

Dental Wear and Tear

First and foremost, this is the most durable squeaky ball you will come across. If you have a chew monster for a pet, like a Rottweiler, then nothing else will hold up as well. Again, this isn’t indestructible, but it’s as hard-wearing as it gets for supervised play. SodaPup is another USA-based company that manufacturers its toys right here on American soil. The materials used are FDA-compliant, veterinary-approved and will hold up to a dishwasher cycle once play time is over. Like with the other US brands we reviewed, they offer a replacement guarantee (up to 30 days) in the event the Crazy Bounce breaks. The JW Pet iSqueak was one of the few dog tennis balls to break during our review. The squeaker died within the first fetch session, and then a noticeable split appeared shortly after. Obsessive behavior: Some dogs can develop obsessive behaviors when it comes to ball throwing. They may become fixated on the ball, constantly demanding to play, and exhibiting signs of anxiety or frustration when they are not engaged in the activity. This can negatively impact their overall well-being and mental health. Lastly, moderation is key when it comes to ball throwing. While it can be a great way to provide entertainment and physical exercise for your dog, it is important to avoid excessive or prolonged sessions. Give your dog ample rest and recovery time between play sessions to prevent overexertion and reduce the risk of injuries. Remember, a healthy and happy dog is one that engages in a balanced exercise routine that considers their individual needs and limitations. Other Dog Fetch Balls

Using the wrong size ball can pose potential hazards for your dog. If the ball is too small, it can easily become lodged in their throat, leading to choking. On the other hand, if the ball is too large, it can be difficult for the dog to carry and may cause discomfort in their mouth. In addition, using a ball that is too heavy or hard can result in dental injuries or damage to their jaw. It is important to prioritize your dog’s safety and choose a ball that is suitable for their size and mouth. When thrown, air passes over these holes and makes a distinct whistling sound. How loud this sound is entirely depends on the force you throw it with. The harder you throw, the louder the whistle. While traditional balls are a popular choice for dogs, there are also alternatives available. Consider using toys that are specifically designed to be safe and durable for heavy chewers. Some options include rubber balls with treat dispensers or balls made of tough materials that are virtually indestructible. These alternatives can provide your dog with mental stimulation and entertainment while minimizing the risk of injury. Experiment with different types of toys to find what best suits your dog’s preferences and needs. Dangers of Excessive Ball Throwing The Whistler Ball is a great alternative to a squeaky dog tennis ball. And since it won’t make noise when it’s in your dog’s mouth, he will be more likely to return it. Highly recommended! The dog tennis balls that didn’t make the cut

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of dog balls available in the market, catering to different needs and preferences. From the versatile KONG AirDog Football Dog Toy, suitable for various types of play, to the Virtually Indestructible Dog Ball, designed for vigorous play, there is a ball for every dog. In this article, we will explore and recommend the best balls for dogs, taking into consideration factors such as size, durability, and unique features. By understanding the different types of dog balls and their suitability for various breeds, dog owners can make informed decisions to ensure their furry friends have a safe and enjoyable playtime experience. Recommended Dog Ball Options We loved the durability of the West Paw Jive so much that we recommended it in our most indestructible dog toys review. The Ethical Pets Super Safe Silicone Ball was another ball that soon broke during testing and is a prime example of why you don’t see many silicone dog balls on the market. For indoor play, the StarMark Durafoam Ball was great. It’s soft, not too bouncy and surprisingly durable at a reasonable price. If you only play games of fetch in your living room, then there is a lot to love about this ball. But outside, it can’t be thrown as far and doesn’t bounce as high as our recommendations above.

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